always already desiring machines

Join Parmer hosted by Bel Ami, with LACA and Wendy's Subway this Saturday June 9th at 11:00am for the second iteration of Always Already Desiring Machines—a lunch and workshop thinking through ways that we, as desiring machines, desire to be machines. 

The program is capped at 20 participants, RSVP required: https://bit.ly/2JsaFlP

Saturday’s workshop at Bel Ami will be split up into four groups, each will take a different approach to the premise of the workshop, listed below. Participants will be asked to talk about their own projects in relationship to the group they’re assigned as a mechanism for working through the theme. 

- the question of reproductive labor in a digital age
- the ways we reproduce and recharge our cultural, affective and material needs
- how we reproduce one another and ourselves differently as we spend increasing amounts of time in dialog with and through digital interfaces
- how the erotic feedback loops that direct us and co-construct our desires moving from interpersonal responses to exchanges between people and objects

This past December Parmer presented the first iteration of this program as part of Wendy’s Subway Reading Room at BAM. This included presentations from Kerry Downey, Nikita Gale, Melanie Hoff and Dorothy R. Howard followed by a discursive workshop. 

Materials from the two iterations are being gathered, edited and co-published by Parmer and Wendy's Subway in a forthcoming zine.