Patricia Fernandez Residency

Patricia Fernández will be in residency at LACA for the months of March and April. During her residency, Fernández will create a visual index of the objects collected and re-constructed that make up her project titled Points of Departure. For the past three years, Fernández carried out five different walks over the Pyrenees retracing the footsteps of the Spanish republicans who fled from Spain to France at the end of the civil war. Informed by the individual memories of these republican exiles, Fernández has been gathering and creating documents, objects, and paintings in order to re-construct their forgotten histories and to establish an archive from these fragments. The resulting archive is organized and woven into different chapters, presented on five sculptural tables that represent the five distinct borders of the Pyrenees. The completed edition of risograph books that serves as a visual index of this archive will accompany her exhibition, Points of Departure: Five Walks, at Commonwealth & Council from April 25th to May 23rd.