Dexter Sinister

Dexter Sinister, 3 drafts for "The Last ShOt Clock"

Looping on this minitor at LACA are 3 draft segments of a work-in-progress film being made by Dexter Sinister (Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey and David Reinfurt) in collaboration with Lucas Quigley over the next couple of years.

The project is rooted in a pair of digital clocks designed to run an eccentric form of time outside our normal system of seconds, minutes and hours. They were originally programmed for twin scoreboards at either end of a Brutalist basketball court in the joint Cyprus/Lithuania pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale. A year later, at midnight on summer solstice, Dexter Sinister then performed a talk at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius based on the same clocks. The script for this talk is, in fact, an incantation, designed to induce collective time-travel back to a party in Venice missed one year before.

Now they are turning the talk into a film, designed around 16 short vignettes intended to ping-pong back and forth from two screens set opposite each other. Stuart and Lucas spent most of January in residence at LACA's new Chinatown space in order to make a start. They ended up with three trial versions shown here, which were initially presented at the end of an endless talk by Stuart on 19 January. In each case, the script is voiced by local hypnotist Marcos Luytens. With thanks to all involved.

More to follow.
A PDF of a booklet containing and explaining the script is available from:
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