DUETS (A Performance by David Gilbert and Paul Pescador)

8:30 - 9 PM

Closing Los Angeles Presents:
Originally performed as part of PERFORMA 15, David Gilbert and Paul Pescador restage their two person collaboration for a one-night event in Los Angeles.

Set against a cardboard city, Duets is a performance that features two people exploring a relationship while also attempting to maintain their individual identities. Communicating through words and dance, they are never quite in synch.

Two performers occupy opposite sides of the stage. Each speaks in turn, doing so through monologue or poetry, and a dialogue emerges. A relationship forms, but the performers speak and dance with varying levels of success at communicating with one another. Throughout, the two performers change into various guises, reflecting different emotional states as they navigate the city. The set is fashioned from cardboard boxes and twinkling nightlights, and costumes from ballet tights and bathmats. The tone oscillates between silly and melancholic, reminiscent both of elementary school plays and 1960s films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's and West Side Story.

The performance is roughly 30 minutes.
Photographs: © Paula Court, courtesy of Performa.