Against ∞ Nature
Artist(s)/Author(s): Various Artists
Format: Book
ISBN: 0-937335-04-05
Publisher: LACE
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: ST.12364.Va
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 8/19/2015
Collection: LACE
Donated By: LACE

A publication from Against Nature (LACE, 1988).

About Against Nature: A Show by Homosexual Men: 
This seminal exhibition, curated by Dennis Cooper and Richard Hawkins, examined decadent seclusion and syphilitic deterioration as modes of social rebellion and was informed by J.K. Huysmans' novel À Rebours. This exhibition exposed the margins of the already marginalized world of gay men. The curators translated Huysmans through the lens of AIDS in a politically and socially conservative era, and displayed rich, decadent and inherently morbid work. They reacted against aesthetics that seemed polemically overwrought, privileging activism over the individual.

This catalog was published in 1988 and made possible in part by a grant from the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Los Angeles.

-LACE website, 2015

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