Bulletins of the Serving Library Issue #7
Artist(s)/Author(s): Various Artists
Format: Book
Number of Pages: 176
Dimensions: 6.5 x 9.25
ISBN: 9-783956-790843
Series: 7
Date Published/Produced: 2014
City Produced/Published: New York City
Reference Number: ST.28130.Va
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 5/9/2017

This issue loops around NUMBERS and was produced in the ambient glow of a reprogrammed electronic scoreboard clock which first appeared in Venice in 2013. Bulletins this time arrive from Angie Keefer, John Dewey and James Mclellan, James Langdon, Rosie Cooper, Mathew Kneebone, Philip Ording, David Foster Wallace, David Reinfurt, Cory Arcangel, Justin Warsh, Perrine Bailleux, Byron Cook and Tauba Auerbach, Dan Fox, Katherine Pickard, and Vincenzo Latronico.


- JK 5.9.17

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