Carla #1
Artist(s)/Author(s): Various Artists
Format: Book
Keywords: Carla
Series: #1
Date Published/Produced: 2015
Reference Number: ST.29924.Va
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 1/2/2018
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Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles (Carla) is a quarterly magazine and online art journal, committed to providing an active source for critical dialogue surrounding L.A.’s art community. Carlaacts as a centralized space for art writing that is bold, honest, approachable, and focused on the here and now.

Carla Issue 1 
Spring 2015


MEAT PHYSICS/ Metaphysical L.A. 
by Travis Diehl

Art for Art's Sake: L.A. in the 1990s 
by Anthony Pearson

A Dialogue in Two Synchronous Atmospheres 
by Erik Morse with Alexandra Grant

SOGTFO at Ghebaly Gallery 
by Johnathan Griffin

#studio #visit with #devin #kenny 

Mateo Tannatt Photographs 
Jibade-Khalil Huffman

Slow View: Discussion on One Work 
by Anna Breininger with Julian Rogers


Pierre Huyghe at LACMA 
by Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

Mernet Larsen at Various Small Fries 
by Catherine Wagley

John Currin at Gagosian, Beverly Hills 
by Keith Vaughn

Pat O'Niell at Cherry and Martin 
by Aaron Horst

A New Rhythm at Park View 
by Kate Wolf

Unwatchable Scenes and Other Unreliable Images... 
at Public Fiction 
by Mateo Tannatt

Charles Gaines at The Hammer 
by Evan Moffitt

Henry Taylor at Blum & Poe/ Untitled 
(L.A. in N.Y.) 
by Cal Siegel


Lauren Cherry & Max Springer 
Ben Medansky 
Nora Slade

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