Artist(s)/Author(s): David Schafer
Format: Audio
Keywords: noise
Edition: 22/50
Duration: 10hr
Date Published/Produced: 2013
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: B24-21795.Sc
Acquisition Date: 8/24/2016
Copies: 1
Donated By: David Schafer

"Edition of 50 signed and numbered, artist proof edition of 6
Die cut and hand assembled foil embossed box, 12 audio CDs, poster, insert, sticker
5” x 5” x 2.25”

DSENOISE is a signed edition boxed set that includes 12 CDs, poster, insert, sticker, and packaged in a die cut hand-assembled box, designed in collaboration with Shiffman&Kohnke in Los Angeles. The 64 tracks total add up to 10 hours of electronic noise Schafer created live in his studio and at NY and LA venues."

from the artist's website

-SH 8/24/16

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