Publisher: Self Published
Date Published/Produced: 11/22/2016
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles and London
Reference Number: DO.29001.Al
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 8/30/2017
Collection: Echo Project
Donated By: Echo Editorial


"Echo project (ed. by Verina Gfader and Ruth Höflich) is an online publication and community board that developed from a visit to the Los Angeles Art Book fair in January 2014. It was on the occasion of a prior book project, titled Prospectus, that the editorial team had been invited by the LAABF team to both present the printed matter in the format of running a book stall, and stage a discursive event at the Classroom. Echo reverberates some of the encounters and debates there, with new commissioned chapters propelling an ongoing correspondence across urban environs: An essay on the General Intellect and Financialisation sets a conceptual ground for rethinking subjective freedom; an encounter with Another LA opens out a multitude of cartographies – revealing more discreet and politically dynamic movements in the urban grid; there are glimpses of Machine Project’s events, a visual story around mothers and demonology (Kathy Acker’s property deals in the UK), and more; and future materials formalized as poster texts . . . "