Fillip 7
Format: Book
Keywords: Fillip
ISBN: 9771715321001
Publisher: Fillip
Date Published/Produced: 2008
Reference Number: OS.31029
Location: Oversized Stacks
Acquisition Date: 2/7/2019
Copies: 1
Provenance: Textfield
Donated By: Joe Potts, Southland Institute

Andrew Berardini: To A From Z
Paul Chan: Untitled (Behold, I show you a mystery)
Juan A. Gaitán: That Thinking Feeling
Willie Brisco, Liam Gillick, and Danna Vajda: It’s Interesting that You, with Your Values, Would Ask Me a Question Like This
Kristan Horton: Drawing of a History of World War One
Alex Kitnick: Partial Recall
Jacob Korczynski: Psychedelia and the Site of Cinema
Cliff Lauson and Lawrence Weiner: Vancouver from the Outside In: Part One
Johan Lundh: Collective Conscious
Lisa Marshall: Where Art Meets Design
Markus Miessen: The Violence of Participation: Spatial Practices Beyond Models of Consensus
Charo Neville: Smooth Space Provisions: Multiple Voices in Curating
Joseph del Pesco: From the Hip
Teresa Steel: Chained Melody
Jeffrey Swartz: Space-Run Artists: Art Activism and Urban Conflict in Contemporary Barcelona
Pan Wendt: Social Fabric

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