Date Published/Produced: 2016
Date Aired/Exhibited: 8/20/2016
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: B36-30614
Acquisition Date: 4/7/2018
Collection: Hailey Loman
Donated By: Hailey Loman

"Finger is a replica of a severed finger from a story Judge Steven Perren shared during an interview. It is an example of secondary revision: I remembered the finger being part of a personal anecdote from Judge Steven Perren but was instead something that the judge had heard on National Public Radio about  the memoirs of Mary Hamilton. Hamilton had written about a man at her boarding house who had carried with him the severed finger of a black man, which was a souvenir from a lynching he had witnessed. We spoke about varying moral codes and how these play into the Judge’s decision making."

-Hailey Loman's Website 

Open Air Prison
September 20 – 25, 2016

Folder 2 – Judge Steve Perren is part of an ongoing collection of transcribed oral interviews involving a selected group of people whose societal power or economic position differs from her own. Judge Perren and the artist speak about the interviewee’s financial situation and his outlook on his death. For these various conversations, Loman has created several objects that she situates or inserts into the interview. In this way, she places herself into their narrative.
With a recorded oral history the interviewer is not a neutral acquirer of goods, but rather a manipulator of the spoken information.

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Or Money > < Immortality

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