Artist(s)/Author(s): Hannah Rose Stewart, Matt Dell
Format: Video
Duration: 5:35
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles and London
Reference Number: DO.30111.St
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 1/20/2018
Donated By: Matt Dell and Hannah Rose Stewart

The figure of the soft bodied, lonely maggot delves in. It, amongst many others, burrows around a decaying bio-mass. Its act of consumption of dead or infected tissue ensures a greater healing potential for the wound. As an agent of "extracorporeal digestion“, its power to heal necrotic flesh is in its release of liquifying enzymes. The figure of the maggot in the video, is not a horror archetype, or a celebration of the ability to decompose organic matter. It is a symbol for the navigator of media space, perhaps of a feminist prosumer, unaware of its power to disseminate and dismantle. The maggot equalizes the endemic state of its universe through its decompositional powers, repositioning matter in a cycle. Limbless, like the body in hyperspace, its power is realized in its ability to work as a unified body of organisms. A chaotic algorithm of un- certain moving, checking, delving and spreading collectively. In the early 1600‘s, scientists believed maggots appeared from nowhere as if by magic. It emerges through its pupal casing, sure of its task as an agent of harvesting, its hooked mouths, latching onto anything delicious. The fast and tubular media network is the ecosystem that the earthly worm traverses, filled with many systematic complexities equal to any natural place.

Video produced by Hannah Rose Stewart 

Music produced by M.D. James