Artist(s)/Author(s): Jody Zellen
Format: Book
Keywords: digital, collage, news, pixels
Edition: 250
Number of Pages: 40
Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 inches
Publisher: Jody Zellen
Date Published/Produced: 2013
Date Aired/Exhibited: 11/28/2019
City Produced/Published: Santa Monica
Reference Number: ST.30864.Ze
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 11/28/2018
Copies: 2
Donated By: Jody Zellen

"If" is the artist's book published in conjunction with the exhibition "Transitions," at dnj Gallery, April 20- June 1, 2013, where the images were exhibited as 8x10 photographs. The 40 page sequence of images is a poetic mediation on the represenation of contemporary culture using media generated images that have been reduced to their essential pixels. 

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