LOS ANGELES: a document
Format: Book
Edition: 9/30
Number of Pages: 351
Dimensions: 8" x 10.25"
Publisher: Lindsay B
Date Published/Produced: 10/1/2015
Date Aired/Exhibited: 10/1/2015
City Produced/Published: Philadelphia
Reference Number: 29021
Acquisition Date: 9/2/2017

LOS ANGELES: a document archives the Arts District (561 Mateo Street)—the former site of an Italian fabric store and the neighborhood of Buchman’s studio—over the course of 2015. It provides still images sequenced cinematically: trapping time, moving through space, and fading in-and-out of darkness. An achromatic volume, LA: a document serves as an artifact for the ongoing transition, demolition, and displacement of communities within the district. 

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