[Mashacare: Home of the Freaks, Misfits, & Weirdoes]
Publisher: Molly Surazhsky
Date Published/Produced: 10/10/2019
Date Aired/Exhibited: 2/21/2019
City Produced/Published: Valencia/Los Angeles
Reference Number: 31365.Su
Acquisition Date: 10/10/2019

Collection Description:
Set in the year 2100, Mashacare is a floating city inhabited by those whom have been abandoned on Earth while the rich colonize the cosmos. Mashacare, named after the founder, a Russian babushka (Masha), is a matriarchal utopia within a dystopic setting surrounded by trash islands.  The inhabitants dress flamboyantly, wearing custom designed and tailored clothing, acknowledging diverse body types. Following a Constructivist vision and trajectory, textiles are custom designed. One such textile celebrates the city's unofficial mantra: "Mama, we eradicated: illness, violent men, trash, money, misogyny, heteronormativity, xenophobia, homelessness, weapons."

Item Description: 
This colletion consists of fabric scraps and remnants from the production of Mashacare Spring Summer Collection 2019, which consisted of 20 unique looks. The fashion show was presented at California Institute of the Arts (February 2019) and Hunter Shaw Fine Art (July 2019).

Molly Surazhsky