Museum of Obsessions
Artist(s)/Author(s): Harald Szeemann
Format: Book
Keywords: Museum
Number of Pages: 406
Dimensions: 9 3/4 x 12 1/4
ISBN: 978-1606065594
Date Published/Produced: 2018
Reference Number: ST.30986.Sz
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 1/27/2019
Donated By: Hailey Loman

Widely regarded as the most influential curator of the second half of the twentieth century, Harald Szeemann (Swiss, 1933-2005) is associated with some of the most important artistic developments of the postwar era. A passionate advocate for avant-garde movements such as postminimalism, he collaborated closely with artists like Joseph Beuys, Walter De Maria, Richard Serra, and Cy Twombly, developing new ways of presenting art that reflected his sweeping vision of contemporary culture and anticipated today's global art world.

Szeemann stated that his goal as an exhibition maker was to create a "Museum of Obsessions." This richly illustrated volume is a virtual collection catalogue for that imaginary institution. It traces the evolution of his curatorial method through the materials he collected and produced while researching and organizing his exhibitions, including handwritten notes, letters, drawings, personal datebooks, floor plans, artists' books, posters, and installation photographs. This book documents all phases of Szeemann's career, from his early stint as director of the Kunsthalle  

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