Pounds Per Image
Artist(s)/Author(s): Rhea Anastas
Format: Book
Number of Pages: 30
Dimensions: 6.5"x9.5"
ISBN: 978-1-7336889-1-8
Date Published/Produced: 2019
City Produced/Published: New York City
Reference Number: ST.31309.An
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 10/10/2019
Copies: 1
Donated By: Rhea Anastas

"In order for something to have weight it needs to have gravity. In an age defined by the immaterial transmission and circulation of images, PPI will make research, scholarship and practice the centerpiece of its gravity bound mission. By commissioning artists, writers, curators and other voices in the poly vocal field to produce original material about photography, PPI will make contributions to the discursive field beyond the walls of the institute.

The inaugural writer and visitor for Pounds Per Image (PPI) will be Rhea Anastas.

Rhea Anastas (b. 1969, Gloucester, Massachusetts) is an art historian, curator, and cofounder of Orchard, a cooperative, artist-run gallery with a predetermined lifespan (2005–8). Orchard was located in New York’s Lower East Side, a then-transitional neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, and opened in the grim afterhours of George W. Bush’s reelection. Orchard’s cofounders include Moyra Davey, Andrea Fraser, Jeff Preiss, R. H. Quaytman, and Jason Simon, among others."




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