SOULFRIEND Episode 15: Co-Host Thomas Torres Cordova
Series: Soulfriend
Publisher: KCHUNG
Date Aired/Exhibited: 8/19/2015
Reference Number: DO.12445.Wo
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 8/19/2015
Collection: KCHUNG Archive

Thomas Torres Cordova & I discuss: Rejection. Feeling like a discarded girl. Fear of being alone vrs fear of rejection. (Not suppressing ur feelings of sadness.) The validity of being alone. Projection: others projecting onto u & therefore rejecting themselves. Subtly dissing someone verbally as a form of rejection. What ppl do when they're rejected. The body language of a rejected person. Rejection before and after sex. Glamping. Defining a compliment. Defining a date by arm touching count. Ghosting. Whether or not it's ok to vanish w/out a trace. How technology has changed our relationship to dating. Treating ppl w/ a high level of disposability and how technology makes that an easy endeavor. Direct vrs non-direct approaches to dating. Avoiding being labeled as wanting something extremely serious when what u want is something more than just casual sex. Taking an honest, blunt approach to relationships. Assertive vrs aggressive. How the tone of ur voice can effect ur message. 

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