SOULFRIEND Episode 36: Last 5 mins of Episodes 16-27
Reference Number: DO.21752.Wo
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 8/19/2016
Collection: KCHUNG Archive

A compilation of the last 5 minutes of episodes 16-27. Episodes co-hosts & highlights include: 16: voice memos of my dreams about relationships/love/dating, Christy Roberts & I discuss Botox, Emma Barrera & I discuss fantasy, fear and age differences in relationships, Kristy Baltezore & I discuss what to do when a friend asks you out (but you don’t feel romantic towards them), Me reading Roland Barthes read on top of Drake’s Hotline Bling, Nicholas Francomano & I discuss what constitutes a relationship that requires a breakup, Mells Bells & I discuss being friends with people you’ve slept with, Danielle Zuckerman & I discuss the frequently used online dating term: sapiosexual, Lucy Lord Campana & I discuss not liking the friends of the person you’re dating & texting, Isaac Bloch & I discuss chemistry, Sam Johnson & I discuss guys in their 20’s & how to reject friends who are asking you out.

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