Artist(s)/Author(s): William Greaves
Format: Video
Duration: 174min
ISBN: 7-15515-02102-9
Date Published/Produced: 2005
City Produced/Published: New York City
Reference Number: ST.28376.Gr
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 6/6/2017

"In his one-of-a-kind fiction-documentary hybrid Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One, director William Greaves presides over a beleaguered film crew in New York's Central Park, leaving them to try to figure out what kind of movie they're making.  A couple enacts a breakup scenario over and over, a documentary crew films a crew filming the crew, locals wander casually into the frame:  the project defies easy description..."

- JK 6.6.17 

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