Talking counting blinking Noting; 16mm film as a collaborative action
Artist(s)/Author(s): Alex Hetherington
Format: Paper Document(s)
Edition: 25
Date Published/Produced: 1/16/2020
City Produced/Published: Glasgow
Reference Number: 31445.He
Acquisition Date: 2/17/2020

Poster edition on 115 gms affiche paper announcing a feature length 16mm film compiled and edited by Alex Hetherington made up of a series of individual collaboratively made films: Anonymous Writes A Spell for the Camera/Michelle Hannah’s Arm/Marisa’s High, An imaginative substitution/Burdens, The Right of the Majority to Rule, Atmospheric phenomenon are expressions of universal sympathy, The Name which is not yours, Still Life, The voice is a stem, The Window; Time Passes; To the Lighthouse, A Spell for Surrounding, and The Book of Sleep/Mysterious bulbs and botched isms, by Anonymous, Leah Millar, Wendy Kirkup, Nathalie de Briey, Helen McCrorie, Rowan Markson, Michelle Hannah, Rosie Roberts, Emma Balkind and Catherine Street, 60 minutes, color and black and white, sound with texts by Alex Hetherington and Rosie Roberts.