The Unwrinkled Ear special with guest Kathryn Drury
Artist(s)/Author(s): Andrew W. Choate
Format: Audio
Publisher: KCHUNG
Date Aired/Exhibited: 11/24/2015
Reference Number: DO.16465.Ch
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 11/24/2015
Collection: KCHUNG Archive

On this episode we were lucky enough to have the editor of ARMSEYE, a new art magazine based in Los Angeles but with an international focus. 

Unfortunately, the first 12 minutes of our show, which were spent contextualizing the magazine, were erased. So you will not hear that discussion, nor these songs we played:

Jean Luc Guionnet/ Eric La Casa - unda maris (background during talking)

PRESENT - 12 Tone Poem

Diamanda Galas/ John Paul Jones - Skótoseme--Kofi Forson- Writer

And when our recording resumed, it was revealed after the fact to be pretty severely distorted (engineers are geniuses!) So our interview with Kathryn Drury is compromised to say the least, but I'm posting it because it's still worthwhile, and not unlistenable. The playlist that follows is a selection of songs chosen by various writers/ artists/ curators involved in the magazine (denoted by the names given following two dashes) and their reasons for choosing this musical material is discussed during the interview. The recording resumes in the midst of:

Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal--Ann Haretzlak and Kirsten Cooke, Curators

Jaime Fennelly/Nicolas Field - My Sun Reverse Your Mailman (background during talking)

Metronomy - Month of Sundays-- Julia Bohan

Kofi Forson - Silver Tongued Devil (poem)--- Kofi Forson, Writer

Ashra - Deep Distance--- Ann Haretzlak and Kirsten Cooke- Curators

Lionel Marchetti - Noord Five Atlantica (background during talking)

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings - Look at Miss Ohio-- Victoria Bradbury, Writer

Non Band - Dance Song-- Kathryn Drury, Editor

Tony Conrad & Faust - Outside the Dream Syndicate--- Liz McCarthy, Writer