The Unwrinkled Ear special "The Sound of Objects"
Publisher: KCHUNG
Date Aired/Exhibited: 9/1/2015
Reference Number: DO.13014.Ch
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 9/1/2015
Collection: KCHUNG Archive

Special inspired by LeRoy Stevens new double LP Underground Sculpture (Small World); Discussion of the connectoins between these pieces occurs throughout the program.

Mickey Hart - Music To Be Born By

Dr. G. W. Manning - Heart Auscultations

Walter Marchettit - Antibarbarus

Henry Cowell - Tides of Manaunaun

LeRoy Stevens - 2 Detectors, 1 Person

Gordon Monahan - Speaker Swinging (Part 1)

LeRoy Stevens - Vertical Scan; Horizontal Scan

Alan Lamb - Beauty

Leif Elggren/ Per Jonsson/ Kent Tankred - UGN

Dale Garfinkel/ Jim Denley/ Monika Brooks/ Anthony Magen - Roots

LeRoy Stevens - Internal Mic and Line-In

Martine Altenburger/ Laurence Elvézi/ Jean Pallandre - Le Santussou

Chris Watson - Vultures

Gerhard Rühm - Pencil Music Nr. 10

Josef-Anton-Riedl - Paper Music

Judy Dunaway - The Rubber Forest

LeRoy Stevens - Duet

Harold Ousley - Sweet Double Hipness