The Unwrinkled Ear Vocal Bonus
Artist(s)/Author(s): The Unwrinkled Ear
Format: Audio
Keywords: Voices, vocals, captain
Publisher: KCHUNG
Date Aired/Exhibited: 10/11/2016
Reference Number: DO.22830.Th
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 10/11/2016
Collection: KCHUNG Archive

A show didn't show up so I put together this hour of voice-based stuff because it was what I wanted to hear. Playlist:

Captain Beefheart - The I Saw Shop

Adachi Tomomi - Pusu

Jason Ajemian & the High Life - Bitter Melon Lifestyles 2006; Champagne Life

Kuchiroro - skdj lkjdfsuw ync7e cw agdve (album version)

Camille Yarbrough - Can I Get A Witness?

Carlos Santos - La Sargantaneta

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