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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 8: Co-Host Zoe Aja Moore
aired: 4/29/2015
artists/guests: Gaea Woods, Zoe Aja Moore
venue: KCHUNG

description: Zoe Aja Moore & I discuss: Leonadro DiCaprio sex dreams. Understanding if she’s flirting with you. Maintaining “the magic” within a longterm relationship. Love changing and growing within a longterm relationship. Giving your whole self in relationships. People who activate your base authentic, highest self vrs forcing a connection with someone. Picking ppl up at coffee shops and gas stations. Pro’s and cons of dating someone who lives in their VW. Moving through your post breakup anger. Anger vrs sadness. Uncovering the root of your anger. Understanding your attraction to someone. The confusion of familiarity: being attracted to someone who reminds you of someone you previously dated but had a bad experience with. Separating unhealthy, familiar patterns from truly positive feelings. Not using online dating apps when you’re feeling sad and lonely. Tindering while on vacation: Tindercations. Bragging about hickies. Revenge. Staying in bad relationships. Meeting new ppl outside of your normal social circles. Hairstyles to meet new ppl. Matching your mood to your hair. Difference between believing you’re ready for a relationship and being emotionally ready for one.

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