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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 13: Co-Host Jennifer Moon
aired: 7/8/2015
artists/guests: Gaea Woods, Jennifer Moon
venue: KCHUNG

description: Jennifer Moon & I discuss: What activities send us to depth: love. The humbling power of love. The power of love to de-center the self. The power of love to complicate the distinction between giving & receiving. Happiness & positivity. Labeling emotions. Self-love. Relational love. Defining & clarifying expectations within relationships. Communication in relationships: the discrepancy between what you want from your partner & what they think you want. Managing insecurities that come up during relationships & dating. Dating & football. Reactive relationships. Embodying the qualities that you want in a relationship. Chemistry. Polyamory. Metaphorical love braid between 2 people: intellectual, emotional & physical connection. Paying attention to how you feel before, during & after you spend time w/ someone. Following your instincts even when they aren’t linked to beliefs.

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