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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 21: Co-Host Nicholas Francomano
aired: 11/11/2015
venue: KCHUNG

description: Nicholas & I discuss: Love for your mother vrs love for your SO. Sending flowers to your mother instead of your side piece: Ryan’s Roses. Mother in laws pushing you to the brink of your ability to remain tactful & diplomatic. Masturbating in the shower vrs masturbating in the tub. How much pre-date googling is allowed. Discussing social media outside of social media. Appropriate time of day to text someone you’re newly dating. The futility of non substantive texts. Nick’s high tech windbreakers. The moral gray area of using photos taken by exes in your new online dating profile. Going to art school to cultivate an air of sensitivity to attract girls. The advancement of male flirting techniques- spoiler alert: throwing negs is totes last year. Whether or not women are people. Confidence and being present when you’re flirting as a key to success. The forbidden Lambada dance. Second chances in dating. Making and breaking rules in dating. What factors can you use to measure how well you know your partner & therefore the seriousness of your relationship. Moral schemas. Staying over (or not) after sleeping with someone. Friend breakups. Putting off breakups for the sake of convenience. What constitutes a relationship that requires a breakup.

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