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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 23: Co-Host Danielle Zuckerman
aired: 12/9/2015
venue: KCHUNG

description: Joining me via skype from Tel Aviv, Danielle & I discuss: Stealing clothes from ppl ur dating. Never offering to return anything after a breakup. Dating Jewish ppl: whether or not u will ever be as good as their mother. Making love. Dating artists vrs doctors. Getting the best results from online dating while putting in the least amount of effort. What to write in the about section of your online dating profile. First date ideas. Daytime dates. How long to talk to someone online before asking them out. Female orgasms. The cutoff time for hanging out verses booty calls. Getting gifts for someone you’re newly dating. How long should u date before bringing them home to meet your family for the holidays. Rules of sleeping w/ ur SO at your family house over the holidays. Dating checklists. Finding ppl to kiss on New Year’s Eve. Best ways to avoid rejection on NYE.

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