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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 24: Co-Host Lucy Lord Campana
aired: 1/6/2016
artists/guests: Gaea Woods, Lucy Lord Campana
venue: KCHUNG

description: Lucy Lord Campana & I discuss: dating as an adult w/ braces. Dating ppl ur friends w/. Intimacy and monogamy versus the allure of the unknown. The appropriate amount of time to wait after sex to talk about unsexy things like work and errands. Managing pets who want to jump up on the bed during sex. Exes not remembering your personal preferences. Ways to end a casual relationship that aren’t rude-eg ghosting. Different communication styles associated with the many different dating apps. What to do if you don’t like your SO’s friends. Text communication w/ someone you’re interested in dating-whether or not the length of time it takes them to respond is proportional to their level of interest in you.

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