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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 26: Co-Host Sam Johnson
aired: 2/3/2016
artists/guests: Sam Johnson
venue: KCHUNG

description: Sam Johnson and I discuss: the blog Douchas. Common themes of what girls r doing in their Tinder pics. Sex trends: edging. Sting. If guys like it when women approach them. If guys think it’s rude if girls don’t offer to pay. The worst check split story of all time. If the majority of men like anal. What taking photos of your SO says about the status of your relationship. Best way to reject someone who’s approaching you at a bar. What to do if ur gassy and u want to have sex but u kno it's gonna be uncomfortable. If it’s ok to ask the person you’re dating to change their pubic hair. If you’re obligated to go down on someone after they’ve gone down on you. Guys in their twenties. How to reject a friend who’s asking you out. 

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