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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 28: Co-Host Nicholas Francomano
aired: 3/16/2016
artists/guests: Gaea Woods
venue: KCHUNG

description: Nicholas and I discuss: Memorizing poetry. LA’s Museum Of Broken Relationships. Using the KonMari decluttering method to determine what objects to discard from past relationships. If it’s best to flirt by yourself or with a wingman. Saying hi to ppl who u reject. Managing orbiting stalkers. Flirting w/ ppl u don’t know w/out seeming creepy and overeager. Comebacks for when ppl ask u ur astrological sign. Signs that you might be basic. Delphies (dating selfies). Snack wave girls. Tinder girls saying they love pizza as a way to seem chill and not basic. The Griffith Park mountain lion P22 eating a koala bear. Runyon canyon selfies. Tips for getting back into dating in your 40's. Prioritizing yourself. Getting hobbies that are cool aka not model trains or model ski lifts. What made Nicholas' Tinder date great. Kissing techniques. Bad kisses. What to wear on a first date to a bar. Men who wear necklaces. How to know what ur date is thinking. Mel Gibson. Common red flags in relationships.

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