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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 29: Co-Host Evan Teitelbaum
aired: 3/30/2016
artists/guests: Evan Teitelbaum, Gaea Woods
venue: KCHUNG

description: Evan & I discuss: Properly de-activating your online dating profile so ur profile isn’t floating in cyberspace. Running into ppl who u chatted w/ on online dating apps. Best way to reject someone without ghosting them. Deciding whether to get out there and date or to work on yourself. Whether there will ever be a time when u will have worked on urself enough to be ready to date. Learning about yourself from short term relationships. Deciding when to lose ur virginity. Polite ways to determine the sexual orientation of someone you want to date. Dating people who get drunk and say hurtful things. Apologies in relationships.. How ppl’s personalities can change when they’re drunk. Dressing up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween. Discovering how delicious Hennessy is. Deciding when to move in with your SO. Pros of having ur own separate living space. Tips for meeting new ppl if you’re shy and don’t like online dating. Dating with depression, how to put it out there to ppl ur newly dating. Dating ppl who don’t share ur political beliefs.

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