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title: The Unwrinkled Ear with Horse Lords (live in studio) + Monotype Records Special
aired: 5/24/2016
artists/guests: The Unwrinkled Ear
venue: KCHUNG

description: All the way from Baltimore, The Unwrinkled Ear is lucky to present Horse Lords playing live in the studio. Playlist:TruthersIntervention II -> Timeslip -> Interventin III ->Bending to the LashTo the Omega PointThe Unwrinkled Ear was busy during this episode, as we also did a special on the Polish label Monotype and their various imprints. So after the band played we heard:Tekla Mrozowicka/ Marcin Cichy - ProminencesRadek Dziubek - IstanbulThen we had a short interview with the band. And two tracks from their new album on Northern Spy:Encounters ITransfinite FlowThen we finished the show focussing on Monotype releases:Marc Hurtado & Z'ev - eclipseToshimaru Nakamura/ Martin Taxt - Still learning how to eat with chopsticksYour host reading the short story "Down & Saffron" by Geoff CochraneEudeniusz Rudnik - RepetitionEudeniusz Rudnik - Repetition MusicEudeniusz Rudnik - Human Mass 

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