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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 34: Co-Host Sam Johnson
aired: 6/22/2016
artists/guests: Sam Johnson
venue: KCHUNG

description: Sam and I discuss: Sam rescuing a baby hummingbird, aka Bill the baby hummingbird. Baby hummingbird’s eating habits. Sam’s cat Liv. Sam and I play the game I made up called: “Traits You Like In People You Date That Are Like Traits Your Parents Possess.” My dad’s amazing fashion and what his clothes say about his nonconformist values. Detasseling corn. Sam liking girls who wear Carhartts OR Sam liking girls who dress and are super bourgeois. Going with your gut when you’re asked out OR taking a chance to experiment and go out on a date if your initial response is to decline. Traveling the US by train. Meeting ppl on trains. Learning about yourself by talking to strangers. Environmental context determining how you feel. Dating on the dating app Bumble. Difficulty starting conversations on dating apps. My and Sam’s experience on Bumble. Pros and cons of Bumble’s forced 24 hour communication window.

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