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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 38: Co-host Jackie Simon
aired: 9/14/2016
artists/guests: Jackie Simon, Gaea Woods
venue: KCHUNG

description: Jackie and I discuss Jackie’s conversation with Andy from Headspace. Tips for getting laid in LA. Sleeping with people with ugly personalities. Ways to hit on acquaintances and get out of the friend zone. Tips on flirting and getting dates for shy girls. Exposure therapy for shy people. What men are thinking and talking about when women aren’t around. Appropriate levels of communication/pursuit during the early phase of relationships/dating. How long to wait before calling a woman who gives you her number. Discussing other people’s love lives. Social pressure to get married and contemporary conceptions of love. Brad and Angelina's child Shilo, aka John. Sober people dating non sober people. Ways of representing your relationship online without making your friends unfollow you. Painting a realistic picture of life online by posting about a range of emotions and experiences. Public personas. Handling imbalances of libido within relationships. And scheduling sex with ur partner.

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