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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 47: Co-Host Natalie Krim
aired: 1/18/2017
artists/guests: Gaea Woods, Natalie Krim
venue: KCHUNG

description: Natalie Krim and I discuss: her beautiful, feminine, erotic, sexy drawings. The boundaries of modern friendships and getting jealous of your SO’s platonic friends. Discussing previous relationships with your current partner. Managing your family's expectations of your love life, when you have a different set of values and / or life priorities. What constitutes love. Keeping people in mind for future potential dating experiences, (in the event that you and your partner break up). Living in a small town and dating your friends exes. Ideas for a woman who has trouble cuming during sex with her bf. How to give a good hand job. We talk to a male caller who keeps getting ghosted by the women he’s seeing. Turn ons for girls (for a guy who is having a hard time dating). How Natalie handles receiving hateful, erotophobic comments on social media. Ideas for how to meet people in a new city. 

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