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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 48: Co-Host Patrick Woods
aired: 2/1/2017
artists/guests: Gaea Woods, Patrick Woods
venue: KCHUNG

description: In a special father daughter edition of SOULFRIEND, my father, Patrick Woods and I discuss: whether my birth was planned. I test Patrick on his knowledge of my love life. We discuss slang that "the kids" are using these days - my father tells us what he thinks the following terms mean: Smashing, Phat, Netflix N Chill, Delfie, Friend Zone, Basic, On Point, On Fleek, Hot Mess, Busted, MILF, Cougar, Amazeballs, Duckface, Bae, YOLO, Resting bitch face, DM, Kicks, Bromance. Patrick weighs in on how to rebuild trust in a relationship once its broken. Patrick talks about getting asked out by women in high school. Staying optimistic when looking for love. Patrick talks about his first kisses & Johnny Mathis parties. First crushes. 

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