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title: SOULFRIEND Episode 53: Co-Host Maxim Ludwig
aired: 5/24/2017
artists/guests: Gaea Woods, Maxim Ludwig
venue: KCHUNG

description: Maxim Ludwig and I discuss: our first breakups. Max tells us about losing his virginity, traveling to Croatia and eating shellfish on the beach with his first girlfriend. Getting back together after breaking ups: good idea or, the worst idea. Max tells us about a girl he got back together with after a break up. Whether relationships should be mostly laughing, sex and being supportive of one another. A man asks about deciding when to leave a relationship once it becomes “a lot of work to maintain.” Bad sex. Whether or not sex can get better in relationships. A woman asks whether she should break up with a man she’s newly dating if the sex isn’t very good. How to end a casual relationship. Anonymous asks if it is ok to “casually fade away” when you’re dating multiple people; or if you should have a conversation with the person you don’t want to keep dating. How horrible ghosting is. A Woman asks our advice on how to handle dating someone who isn’t culturally sensitive.  

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