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title: The Unwrinkled Ear with Fred Lonberg-Holm
aired: 9/12/2017
artists/guests: The Unwrinkled Ear
venue: KCHUNG

description: Interview, listening and performance by Fred Lonberg-Holm in-studio~interview~Trigger - Walker McGriffFred Lonberg-Holm/ Julian Kirshner/ Keefe Jackson - unnamed, unreleased trackFred Lonberg-Holm/ Jason Roebke/ Glenn Kotche - Mystery Kat~interview~Seval - I Am Not Worried~live in-studio solo cello performance by Fred Lonberg-Holm~Fred Lonberg-Holm/ Michael Zerang - #5~interview~Fred Lonberg-Holm - Letter to David (part 1) [excerpt]~interview~Fred Lonberg-Holm - Letter to David (part 2) [excerpt]

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