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title: The Unwrinkled Ear with Teasips
aired: 3/13/2018
artists/guests: The Unwrinkled Ear
keywords: teasips
venue: KCHUNG

description: The Unwrinkled Ear welcomes Teasips/ Ang Wilson/ Angela Frances Wilson to the show!Ang Wilson - Live In-Studio Performance - Today's Tuesday~interview~Zazz - Forever is a Distance (excerpt)~interview~Devin Sarno/ Ang Wilson - Homeland~interview~ (bed of Phew - Encore)Teasips/ GreyGhost - Nameless NegotiationTeasips - Clear Out the WoundAng Wilson - Live In-Studio Performance - Cold Cuts and ClementinesElectric Sound Bath - Whorl~interview~Alaska/ Maryland - Season of Maintenance (excerpt)

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