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title: Adventures With You: Episode 12
aired: 4/15/2018
artists/guests: Jennifer Moon
venue: KCHUNG

description: Ten of sixteen artists from Art Division and ArtCenter's Socially Engaged Art class come on Adventures With You to talk about their collaborative project DESC주ᄋ시ᄆLISADO.Artists featured on AWY: Alfredo Alvarado, Jackie Amezquita, Patrick Kim, John Lee, Nancy Matias, Eve Moreno, Camille Gonzaga Papa, Johnny Pérez, Andy Rivera, and Izabella SanchezDESC주ᄋ시ᄆLISADO artists:Alfredo Alvarado, Jackie Amezquita, Patrick Kim, Milton Lazaro, John Lee, Ana Leonido, Sandra Maldonado, Nancy Matias, Eve Moreno, Bryan Ortega, Camille Gonzaga Papa, Sarah Park, Johnny Pérez, Andy Rivera, Jeremy Saborio, and Izabella SanchezCollaborative projects exhibited:Heart Like Soft Sweet BreadAn installation that resembles a cake. Acting as a close quarters gallery featuring photographs and paintings that address the artists’ vulnerabilities.Narratives of Resistance Magazine (NoRM)A self-published forty-page magazine highlighting Queer and Trans People-of-Color using L.A. as a connecting point.Pico-Union Street: A Reclamation of HomeA audio recorded interview accompanied by a short film piece centered around the rapid development in Los Angeles and the people affected by it.Out There?A collaborative body of work that engages with the issue of displacement.

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