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title: The Unwrinkled Ear Hosts A Foray Into Vocal Music Made by Artists With One Larynx (Or Hand) In Another Medium(1)
aired: 1/31/2014
venue: KCHUNG

description: This set focussed on vocal works and others related to the act of writing; ot was recorded at the LA Art Book Fair 2014. (starts with random stuff from "revue ou" until….12:57 then:josef anton riedl- paper musicschismatics- be no vague schematic, big strong zucksten hanson- how are youGhulam Haidar - hazaramy pencil music (based on gerhard ruhm's)ferdinand kriwet - moon/ appollosidsel endresen - #3revue ou - ???phil minton - true storycarlos santos - cantogerhard ruhm - verlautbehenri chopin - #2bridget Fitzgerald - An Sean Duine Dóite (The Burnt Old Man)isidore isou - improvisationernst jandl - strickleitz; amt mit schreibenandrew choate - ong oingsten hanson- am stremgsten verbotenschizmatics - spider in a bucket

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