pussies on wheels

At LACA: What is That Called? Pussies on Wheels: A Performative Talk by Antoni Hervàs and Vista Oral

June 5th 
7:30 - 9:30 PM
Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA)

Antoni Hervàs draws from his personal experience turning everyday life into extraordinary narratives through an expanded method of illustrating. Hervàs places his body in the center of an action: as a collection of memories, techniques and modus operandi. Drawing helps him build a map from a nonlinear temporal structure, made up of fragments which cut, paste, color and overlap. He takes advantage of the transformative power of drawing and installation. 

During his stay at 18th Street Arts Center, Antoni has conducted research, in the three areas: Chuck Arnett, The Roller Derby Girls and Voguing.

With these three areas of focus, Hervàs challenges stereotypes associated with masculinity and femininity as well as prescribed modes of beauty and the body. He explores hyper-sexualization, the customization of clothing and self-representation, the relationship with DIY, freedom, physical strength, femininity and alternative masculinities and inclusiveness; beyond the binary definitions of gender. 

Hervàs talk at LACA will have a performative nature. He will share his temporary experiences in Los Angeles - particularly with the difficulties of translation, not only linguistic, but also those related to cultural parameters which have added a new filter of fantasy to his fascination with popular culture.


Event supported in part by 18th Street Arts Center.