Project X Forum 4: Suitably Appointed
Publisher: X-Tra
Date Aired/Exhibited: 6/30/2015
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: DO.16041.Br
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 11/4/2015

Project X Forum 4: Suitably Appointed
Roundtable with Elizabeth Bryant, Renée Petropoulos and Anne Walsh
Witnesses: Carmen Argote, Anthony Carfello, Pedro De Llano, Karen Moss and Elizabeth Pulsinelli

This forum will focus on a group exhibition organized by Project X in 1993 at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton.
Anne Walsh, Renée Petropoulos and Elizabeth Bryant will host a conversation about the exhibition, their work, and the impact this show had on their art practice.

Suitably Appointed Exhibiting Artists:
Elizabeth Bryant, Eric Magnuson, Christian Mounger, Renee Petropoulos, Elizabeth Pulsinelli, Anne Walsh

This is the fourth in a series of public forums investigating the exhibitions Project X produced in the 90s at 18th Street Arts Center, with a focus on the conditions facing Los Angeles artists at that time, and the way they shaped artist-run organizations, alternative exhibitions and publications. What can the nineties tell us about now?