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Odwalla1221 ✧ Macula Dog ✧ Symbiosis of Matter ✧ Dr. Paul Koudounaris

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doors at nine / show starts promptly at half past
please note: new LACA location in chinatown / enter on ord street

Odwalla1221 is a Los Angeles-based band with a new name and an everlasting 'tude. Speaking songs along drumstick trigger samples of whatever they wanna, this couple of sassy aesthetes push poetry and punk gesture, sounding off on body politics with a proximate pop appeal and just enough anti- to keep it in check. This is their first gig since their audacious script flip, and their last local engagement before they head off some ware on a euro tour.

Macula Dog is a New York City-based band, a fully weird and wired electronic audio-video duo that divvy out a flurry of wild and fun songs that’ve apparently jumped out of the same variable pitch blender as Devo and the Residents (and for headier heads Melted Men and Zoogz Rift!) Witnesses report additional band members existing "as appendages," video beams emanating from their heads, amongst other absurdist antics and costumery. This’ll be their first set in L.A. and the buzz is heavy.

An other worldly jazz singer, with context from the Mesopotamian world! The Los Angeles launch of a performance cycle from the some one behind the next-gen humilitiy instagram and eclectic mixwork.

Could there be an unseen connection that has led to the dog's status as "man's best friend?" Historian and esoteric researcher Dr. Paul Koudounaris presents compelling evidence for psychic ability in dogs with an inimitable lecture and slideshow. Learn about case studies in the United States, Russia, Germany, and Great Britain which ultimately provide more questions than answers about the minds of dogs and their connectivity to human beings.

Organized by Tim Leanse
Flyer by Chloé Maratta