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Wik-Ed Women 8

Wik-Ed Women is a monthly series of informal Wikipedia editing workshops/sessions for Los Angeles women-in-the arts to contribute their expertise to Wikipedia, specifically expanding its content about women artists. Considering that 90% of Wikipedia’s editors (information-distributing-enthusiasts, really) are men, these evenings advocate against the systemic bias inherent to Wikipedia, one of the ten most popular websites in the world. 

Editing Wikipedia is something everyone has the capability to do, though initiating oneself into the "editing realm" can be daunting. Not an Edit-a-thon per se, these sessions will be more loosely structured and include technical tips about navigating, editing and adding to Wikipedia. Wik-Ed Women will develop its agenda organically as participants come with information they want to add, artists they want to research, and drafts of edits and entries they want to discuss. Every session will result in a meeting minutes accompanied by screen-shots/printed copies of edits that were made to Wikipedia that day. These will become a sort of 'zine documenting Wik-Ed Women’s activities and become part of the collection of ephemera at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive. 

Refreshments and Wi-Fi will be provided. Subscription access to the online archives of The Los Angeles Times, Artforum, Frieze, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times will be provided. Instructional materials and worklist generated by East of Borneo’s ongoing Unforgetting L.A. series (http://www.eastofborneo.org/unforgetting) will be available for use. Please bring your own laptop and power adapter. 

Wik-Ed Women will convene on the third Tuesday of every month; our eighth gathering will take place on November 17, 2015 in the study/conference room at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) at 2245 E. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Attend anytime between 6-10 pm. For more information contact wikedwomen@gmail.com

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Wik-Ed Women is organized by Simone Montemurno with support from the Rema Hort Mann Foundation YoYoYo Artist Grant and Los Angeles Contemporary Archive.