Collection Description: Box (a proposition for ten years) is a capsule of a ten-year work-in-progress and exchange between Patricia Fernández Carcedo and the recipient of the box's contents, Young Chung located in Los Angeles. The items include a variety of letters, found and created objects, and paintings. 

Biographical Note
Patricia Fernández Carcedo was born in 1980 Burgos, Spain. 

Scope and Content
Box (a proposition for ten years) is organized into two sections:

Objects: twelve drawings and nine paintings made with oil or watercolor paints. Three ceramic cups with an accompanying pitcher. Fifty obsidian rocks used as protective and healing stones. One wood bed frame with a carved lid. Five textiles, three of which have an embroidery detail. One 35mm color slide film. Twenty sculptures including objects made with bone, metal or wood, inspired by the artist’s grandfather’s art practice. 
Documents: eighteen correspondence items including fourteen letters, several postcards with writing sent by the artist from various locations in Spain, France, and the United States addressed to Young Chung. One spliced postcard framed in glass. One newspaper, Correo de Burgos, published in April 2016. A contract agreement for the project.

Note: José Luis Carcedo was born 1923 in Briviesca, Spain. In 1937, at age fourteen, he began carving at a wood shop. He started reproducing the estrella [star] symbol into wood. Included in the collection is a wooden box Carcedo gifted his granddaughter, Patricia Fernández Carcedo. 

Before Box (a proposition for ten years):
2010 Fernández emulates her grandfather’s carving of the “x” symbol 

2012 The contract [061] for Box (a proposition for ten years) is drafted between Fernández and Chung
2013 The first wooden carved sculpture is created for the box [022]
2014 Small paintings [002, 009, 020] are added to the box
2015 A plan [032] is developed for the remaining years of the box
2016 Carved wood structures [021, 064] and letters [051, 053] are added to the box
2017 Ceramic works are added during drinking cup exchange [015, 017, 018] and indexical drawing of the box contents is created [025]
2018 The bed [046] is created, obsidian rocks [048] and the Bone Ship [014] are added to the box
2019 The lid for the bed is carved and a drawing [003] is produced between Fernández and her grandfather during a trip to the eye doctor
2020 The archive for the box is developed by LACA
2021 Forthcoming
2022 Final celebration of Box (a proposition for ten years)

Photography Evan Walsh.

Box (a proposition for ten years)

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