14 Minute Mix [group entry]
Reference Number: DO.34564.RA
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 2/14/2023

Created on the occasion of 14 Minute Mix. 

14 Minute Mix is a digital mix assembled by artists and DJs. The collection launches live on LACA's Youtube February 14th, 2023 and is audible on the LACA online database thereafter.

Artist List:
Garry Rosenblum (Los Angeles)
Kelman Duran (London)
Pamela Ramos (Los Angeles)
mads lê, brandon lê (Los Angeles)
Matilda Tjäder (Malmö)
Mindy Seu, Sunny Ali (New York)
Sevyn (Los Angeles)

The entire 14 Minute Mix can be downloaded HERE and online HERE.

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