Adult Magazine
Artist(s)/Author(s): Sarah Nicole Prickett
Keywords: Magazine
City Produced/Published: Canada
Reference Number: ST.32544.PR
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 8/27/2021
Copies: 1
Donated By: Hugo Cervantes


Adult is a magazine of new erotics. Through photography, conversation, art, criticism, essays and original reporting, it returns to the first meaning of “radical”--the roots of things, traced below the skin. “The first issue reads as if Hustler married The Paris Review,” said New York magazine, while The New Republic declared that “Adult hits its mark: it straddles the mundane and the shocking in a way that feels natural.” The second issue explores what the art critic Leo Steinberg called “the condition of being deathbound and sexed,” and includes a profile of the cult-film idol Udo Kier at home in Palm Springs, an interview with the masterful English painter Cecily Brown and a gorgeously reported feature on Satanism in the city from journalist Katie Baker. Other contributors include poet Melissa Broder, writer and artist Molly Crabapple, porn star and writer Stoya, author Stephanie LaCava, artist and writer Brad Phillips, novelist Catherine Lacey and more. Photographers include John Edmonds, Stacey Mark and Natasha Gornik; artists and illustrators include Quentin Jones, SamMcKinniss, Mike Rinaldi and Mia Schwartz. The magazine is edited by Sarah Nicole Prickett and creative-directed by Berkeley Poole.

Issue Two 

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