amwa - film series 01 program
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Date Published/Produced: 2017
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
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Amwa film series 01: shorts at LACA 

Friday June 16, 2017 8-10 PM

Asian Mamas Working in the Arts (AMWA) launches AMWA film series, a program contemplating pan-asian and cross-cultural narratives localized to Los Angeles. 


AMWA Film Series 01: shorts at LACA presents films centered around pan-asian futurity that imagines our post-colonial bodies as complete subjects - dynamic and infinite. 

Organized by Brittany Ko, Seo Yun, Cat Yang 

Kim Ye
Jasmine Lin 
Jaq Nugyen Victor
Audrey Chan
Nevin Kallepalli 
JoJo Julay Brandel
Alisa Yang
Troyese Robinson 
Annakai Hayakawa Geshlider 
Jing Niu 
Miko Revereza
Sid M. Duenas